Welcome to the custom paddle shop. Here I create one of a kind wood and carbon fiber and wood paddles. 

Why should you purchase a paddle from me?  Unique, beautiful, strength, health, comfort, functionality.

Unique that's easy you will be hard pressed to find a paddle with same features, one of kind, choice of wood.  I prefer Black poplar as the base of your paddle with different wood for accents.  Strength come from a sandwich of carbon fiber , fiberglass in the shaft, or no layup in the shaft.  It all depends on the designed use of your paddle.  Health and comfort aspect comes from wooden paddles have better flex characteristics than carbon.  In fact you can control how much flex in a wooden paddle when you build one. This translates to less pressure on your joints to reduce injury and fatigue.  And this brings us to functionality, While your paddle looks beautiful it will last a lifetime with proper care.  

Construction:  Black poplar shaft and blade with accent woods.  4 oz cloth front and backside of the blade with epoxy resin.  Shaft and handle preferred finish boiled linseed oil.  That's what Walt uses.

Art:  ‚ÄčThis is wide open.  From inlay to all forms of art to include pictures of your pet or favorite person.

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